Resource Conservation
Resource Conservation
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Environmental concern about climate change and the awareness that the combustion of fossil fuels emits greenhouse gases (GHG) is driving a growing effort for energy conservation and resource conservation.

The concept of becoming carbon neutral by the voluntary adoption of a green lifestyle has begun to take hold. The creation of carbon offset credits allows a new way to think about or value our impact on the world around us.

Conservation of resources by recycling is not a new idea, but its relevance is in a state of reevaluation. RecycleNet Corporation has taken a pioneering step by introducing the Recycling Offset Credits (ROCs) program.

The recycling of used vegetable oils UVO to convert into Bio Fuel or Bio Diesel is one area we have seen grow.


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Rendering and Protein Wastes

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WANTED : LW1234883
Shipping Pt. / Location: JAMAICA, KINGSTON

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Quantity Units Frequency
300 MT Month
Price Funds Per Unit
200 USD MT
Yellow Grease - Yellow Grease. Yellow grease used-frying oils / grease from deep fryers

WANTED : LW1234912

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Quantity Units Frequency
50 ton Month
Price Funds Per Unit
450 USD ton
Tallow - in edible buffalo tallow. A rendered form of beef fat, solid at room temperature.

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